Best Low Budget Camera Drones You Can Buy

Low Budget Camera Drones

There are too many Drones available in the market in all the ranges of price. If you are looking for the Drone in your budget then well! I am listing some of the best available drones for sale here. Check out the list and choose the Drone with the features.

1. V666FPV Quad-copter :
The first quad-copter I am listing is the best for starters as it has everything you need to fly at only £100. Also it has its spare parts available very easily and is not that expensive that you will not be able to afford. So, if you are looking for the affordable model of the Drone this has to be your choice. Don’t think twice Just Go for It!

If you have an Android or I-PHONE the best FVP suggested for you is X-SPY. It has a live video option but if you can live without live videos there are other cheaper options you can go with. The price for this FVP is £99. If you want to shoot live videos then this is the best option of Drone for you in the entire market.

The mentioned quad-copter is available at £159. For such a high price the video quality is very poor, so don’t have high expectation from its video recordings. If you can spend more time in learning and want a bit more battery life than H107D can be lot of fun to you. But if you are looking for the Drone stay in air for longer then, clearly this has to be it.

This FVP is costing almost £230 including VAT. It is the best thing for you if you can’t afford a DJI Phantom or a Parrot Be-Bop. Its ability to stay still for a reasonable time and quality of high resonance camera makes it worth for you to spend this much amount in buying this FPV quad-copter. People, if taking stills and recording video is what you want then, this will provide the huge satisfaction for you.

5. WLtoys V303 :
The best alternative of a PHANTOM if you can’t stretch your budget is in front of you. It costs £199 including import duty and handling fees. Infact having a gimbal and a camera it works at roughly one third of its price. Moreover its spare parts are easily available and not much expensive. So, go for this model when you can’t extend your budget.

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6. DJI Phantom 3 Standard :
At £449 this is the best FVP you can think of. Unlike DJP Phantom 2 the price is being dropped but the features are its best. The smoothness of this allows you to capture shorts from such locations where you can’t have imagined. Providing a go app feature is also a great improvement. The best improvement is only in its photo and video quality. So, go for it when you need resonance camera and the basic purpose is to shoot and record in low budget.

7. 3DR SOLO :
The best feature for this FVP is a solo feature added to the camera. This feature allows you to capture solo aerial shots which would have been very difficult even for experienced quad-copter pilots. The only barrier for this is its price as it costs £979 which is even expensive than a Phantom 3 Advanced DJI has already taken a step in this direction as they have announced that they will include orbit in them and various modes meaning that they will develop same solo features in the coming updates at cheaper prices.

The above mentioned models of the Drones are the best low budget model that one can buy. Each and every model mentioned above is best in the specific quality and possesses different advantages as well as disadvantages. So, get to know what you need? And go for the model that provides you all the features you need in the appropriate budget. I hope this list I have mentioned helps you in making the decision while surfing through the market.

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